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The perfect intertwining
of reality and art

Frank Chi, a Chinese-Australian oil painter, was born in 1954 in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, China. He is a successor disciple of the renowned Chinese painter Mr. Guanzhong Wu and has won multiple awards at significant art exhibitions such as the Camberwell Art Show and the Victor Harbor Art Show. Frank’s works have been commended in Australian art publications and are highly regarded by critics and collectors alike. This versatile and self-established painter is an outstanding and prolific artist with great potential in the art market.

Frank excels in both landscape and portrait painting. His works are characterised by a realistic and profound style.

Frank’s landscape paintings express unrestrained freedom, reflecting a profound understanding of the interaction between light, color, and form. Each of his brushstrokes on canvas serves as a bridge connecting the depths of human emotion to the vibrancy and grandeur of nature, transporting the viewer to another world. His representative work “Summer” was awarded the “Best Oil/Acrylic” award at the 56th Camberwell Art Show in 2021.

Frank’s depiction of the female figure is restrained and respectful. Frank portrays them with delicacy and elegance, imbuing it with a sense of sanctity, devoid of artificiality or vulgarity, leaving an impression of purity. His masterpiece “Smile” was awarded the “Best Traditional Painting” award at the 53rd Camberwell Art Show in 2018.

Frank’s profound achievements in oil painting are undoubtedly remarkable. He is able to create artworks where both real and virtual wonderlands co-exist. On first look, viewers see a lifelike depiction, however upon closer examination, the scene takes on a dreamlike quality. His brushwork manages to integrate both realism and impression into balanced and harmonious masterpieces.

You are invited to visit Frank Chi’s upcoming oil painting exhibition, from 01 December to 12 December 2023, at the Frater Gallery at The Victorian Artists Society. It is an opportunity not to be missed to experience Frank’s world of perfect intertwinement of reality and art.


01 Dec – 12 Dec 2023

Opening Ceremony

02 Dec – 1:00 PM




Vic Artist Society Frater Gallery


430 Albert St, East Melbourne

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